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I’ve talked before about how the arts benefit local economies. You can check samples of those posts here and here. But it is a topic that bears repeating, and you will see me repeat it again and again on this blog because it’s an argument that doesn’t always seem to connect with a lot of politicians.

Rather than a traditional touring venue, such as the Hippodrome, this article focuses on the non-profit, Center Stage, but I believe that all or most of the statements in this article can also apply to the touring shows that pass through the Hippodrome, as touring shows also have a positive economic impact on local economies.


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The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess

The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess

Not specifically about touring, but not a huge leap…Boston is considering legislation that would establish a tax-credit for pre-Broadway shows. This bill is just another example that proves how theatre clearly remains culturally relevant and popular in the U.S., and is also desirable as far as boosting local economies. Theatre productions put people to work, as well as bring patrons to nearby businesses such as restaurants, parking garages, and shopping. So in a macro, long-term sense, Boston will likely earn this tax credit back, and more.

In addition, while Boston is indeed a prominent cultural city and, therefore, a desirable market for commercial theatre productions, it tends to be an expensive place to produce or present, so a tax credit seems like it would definitely lure pre-Broadway shows that might consider other cities that already have similar tax credits in place, such as Illionis.

Here is an article regarding the pending tax credit legislation in Boston:

‘Legislation seeks to lure Broadway shows to Hub’

And here’s some recent coverage about the upcoming pre-Broadway run of TUCK EVERLASTING in Boston

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