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I’ve discussed live theatre tax credits on this blog on a number of occasions. Recently, I specifically posted about Boston becoming a city where this credit may go into effect if a recently introduced bill is passed into law. You can check that post out here. The theatre tax credit bill, according to The Boston Globe, was filed on January 17, 2013.

I have also posted about New Orleans, which already has a theatre tax credit in place, and which is referred to in relation to the proposed bill in Massachusetts.  You can check out my post about the theatre tax credit in New Orleans here.

My colleague, Rich Jaffe, President of Broadway in Boston, discusses the potential that this tax credit has to grow the economy in Boston, as part of this informative coverage on the topic:

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Looks like Illinois is following in “time step” with Louisiana. Similar to what already exists in Louisiana, Illinois will be inaugurating a tax credit starting in July for “pre-Broadway and long-run shows” that premiere there. Sounds like our friendly neighbor just up to the North may start getting a little less friendly …

‘In Toronto-vs-Chicago theatre war, tax credits are the new ammo’

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In previous posts I’ve discussed how theatre has the potential to boost local economies. You can read about that here and here.

These articles below back during the Summer and into the Fall talked about how Louisiana totally gets that idea and is doing what it can via tax credits to entice Broadway tours to premiere in New Orleans, as THE ADDAMS FAMILY did at the beginning of this season…

GoodNola.com (6/24/11)

Louisiana Live (8/2/11)

NOLA.com (8/14/11)

Picayune Item (8/19/11)

NOLA.com (9/20/11)

WWLTV.com (Review – 9/24/11)

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