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THE AVERAGE-SIZED MERMAID runs in The New York International Fringe Festival August 13-27th!

It’s been a busy summer for me, which is the reason for the fewer posts. And, admittedly, this post is not entirely within the mission of this blog, but more of a plug.

I am proud to be a lead producer on a delightful comedy called THE AVERAGE-SIZED MERMAID by promising, young writer, Jessica Fleitman that will be presented as part of The New York International Fringe Festival. I am producing the show via my company, early bird theatricals.

Truth be told, this post actually does fall partly within the scope of this blog. While I don’t see this play touring, I do see it having a future life in small professional theaters and universities, which is part of why I signed on to the project, to support a new work that I think will have life beyond the Fringe, among other reasons.

We’ve already received excellent advance press, including Linda Winer of Newsday and we are a “Voice Choice” in The Village Voice.

When producing a project, it’s important to know why you are getting involved and to really evaluate your expectations. Many have approached me over the years with a show they’re involved with that would be “perfect for touring” not knowing really what goes into getting a show out on The Road. There’s a lot of competition out there and touring a show can also be very expensive, so other options like licensing may be more realistic. Licensing, of course, will not bring in as much money as a tour does, but it also does not have the financial risks, and it is still a perfectly respectable and exciting way to get your work seen. To be published and have your play or musical licensed is a great feeling. I know that first-hand from my writing work.

So, if you’re in NYC between August 13-27, please come see THE AVERAGE-SIZED MERMAID! You’ll be able to say you saw the show first before it made it’s big “splash” out in the world at large. And I guarantee that you will have a FINtastic time.

For your easy reference, here are our performance times and venue info:


SAT 8/13 @ 3:15pm
MON 8/15 @ 9:30pm
THR 8/25 @ 6:00pm
FRI 8/26 @ 9:15pm
SAT 8/27 @ 1:00pm
FringeNYC Venue #7: 
Connelly Theater, 220 E. 4th St between Aves A&B

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WHEN LAST WE FLEW opens on August 19, 2010 at The Lucille Lortel Theatre

Okay, so this post is pretty much self-serving, but it does have something to do with The Road.

I’m on the producing team for this really terrific play in the New York International Fringe Festival called when last we flew by the up and coming Harrison David Rivers. when last we flew possesses a lovely humanity and theatricality, and the team I’m producing this play with and the talent involved are inspiring.

So, what does this have to do with The Road?

Will when last we flew go on national tour? I would wager not, but that doesn’t mean that the Fringe is the end of the road for this piece, and, certainly, not for this writer, or the smart and creative people involved with this production.

There are, of course, plenty of places for plays and musicals to move on to besides a commercial, first class national tour. There are the non-profit regional theaters, international festivals, smaller touring companies or smaller theatres with touring companies, a musical or play can also become published and licensed, and so on.

There are, thankfully, many types of theatre out there. If everything was a big, mainstream commercial production, the world of theatre would be a pretty boring place. The important thing when you’re involved in producing theatre is to believe completely in what you’re working on, and in the people you’re working with, which is how I feel with when last we flew.

I expect that the road for when last we flew, and for the many hard-working, enthusiastic people involved will continue past this production, and I have no doubt it will be a road that will lead to much success.

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